Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Island Peak to Pheriche

DAY 11 – 5th May 2013

Manoj and I woke up the next morning and we were still both shattered. I don’t even recall Manoj coming back down and joining me in the tent as I had descended quickly.

We packed our gear and bags again and went to the dining tent for breakfast. After porridge and tea, we got about packing up the tents and gear for our trip back to Chukkung.

We left at about 10.30am for Chukkung and made it back by about 12.30pm.

We went back to Yakland Lodge for lunch. We had lunch and rested up a little bit. After sorting out our dues, we left for Pheriche, travelling through Dingboche.

A further 3 hour trip.

At Pheriche we stayed at Snowland Lodge & I got to recharge my phone & GoPro for 400 Nepali Rupees (roughly AUD$5.30).

Manoj and I had dinner as usual at 7.30pm with Stefano and had a nice cup of hot chocolate whilst watching Manchester United play Chelsea.

Manoj went off to bed a little earlier as he was tired still from the Island Peak climb. I didn’t blame him….it was a hard day.

Tomorrow we go off to Lobuche.

The lodge here in Pheriche (4,200m) is one of the best ones we’ve had so far on the trek in terms of facilities.

In the pictures below, you will notice the third pic from the left. That is actually a toilet. A toilet with a view.

That toilet has a front wall and two sides but no back wall. The back wall is a sheer drop off the cliff face and is left unfinished so that visitors who are using those particular facilities are graced with the view of the mountain directly behind the toilet as they go about their business.

Great views don’t need to cost a premium 😉

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