Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Pheriche to Lobuche

DAY 12 – 6th May 2013

Today morning we woke up at 7.50am.

We were meant to have breakfast at 7.30am. We were all tired and the cozy rooms helped us sleep longer than we intended.

We had a good breakfast after quickly getting ready. I had apple porridge and beans on toast with masala tea.

We left around 9.30am. As soon as we stepped out the whole village was surrounded by peaks! Such an amazing sight.

I see it every morning outside every lodge but it is still breathtaking every morning and everytime I see it a huge smile breaks out on my face.

Our trek today was all uphill to Lobuche (4,930m). We stopped at Thukla for lunch along the way.

I saw Nirekha Peak (6,159m), Chola Tse (6,440m). We saw Lobuche East & West (6,119m). In the distance, we saw Pumori (7,165m) & Khumbu Tse (6,639m).

We got to Lobuche at about 3pm.

Manoj & I had some popcorn and ginger, honey and lemon tea. Here, I met a Nepali Resident, Avani who lives in Kathmandu & works for the UN. Very interesting guy to have a conversation with and very well travelled.

After having popcorn, Manoj went to sleep for a short nap as he wasn’t feeling too great.

Avani, Stefano and I continued our chats about football in the main dining hall of the lodge.

Later, Manoj joined up with us again after his nap. We decided to have an early dinner as we were all tired.

The next day we were going to split up.

Manoj, Stefano & I were going with Bibas to Gorak Shep (5,190m) and Lhakpa and Kumar were going with Chemi to Lobuche East to attempt to summit.

Today’s pictures are rather interesting and have stories to tell.

The third picture in the first row shows Pheriche town (from DAY 11) that we left in the morning. If you look close to the “K” in the watermark, you will see the tin roofs of the buildings in town. That should give you a sense of size of the peak behind the town.

The fourth and fifth pictures in the first row have people in them to show the size of the landscape and how much walking would be involved as well the different terrain. On the fifth picture, the route climbs up from the bottom left to the top right after lunch.

The first pic in the second row shows the boulders that have been eroded by glacial activity over the years and how they’ve been carried from higher terrain downwards.

The fourth picture in the second row shows Thukla (our lunch stop) from above after having climbed the route part of the way after lunch.

The fifth picture on the second row shows the memorials created for lost or dead climbers who made an attempt on Everest. It is quite a somber sight. There are plaques and crude metal plates engraved with names and dates of attempted ascents to the world’s highest mountain, Sagarmatha.

The third and fourth picture in the final row show Lobuche Base Camp and our current distance from it. The sequence of pictures will give you an idea of the distance walked after having left Pheriche town that morning, stopping for lunch at Thukla, passing the Everest Memorials and then making our way to Lobuche past Lobuche Base Camp.

Hope you’re enjoying the journey with me so far…

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