Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Shopping in Thamel

DAY 2 – 26th April 2013

Manoj and I woke up at 9.15am the following morning, got ready and had breakfast at the guest house. I had “chole bhatura” (chick pea curry and roti bread) with a hot cup of chai tea whilst Manoj enjoyed scrambled eggs and toast with a strong coffee.

We left the hotel at around 11am and made our way towards Nava’s office once more. On the way, we were stopping at various shops and checking prices for trekking poles and gloves.

At Nava’s office, we then sorted out the outstanding balance of payment that was pending for our trip and filled out the necessary health and safety forms required by the climbing community. We then went across the road to have a look at the gear at the genuine North Face and Black Yak stores. Prices are still cheaper than the stores in Australian store prices for genuine North Face gear. We got back to our guest house at around 12.30pm to await a meeting with our guide. The guide was coming over to introduce himself as well as come and check over our gear and mention any additional gear that we may require or should consider.

We met our guide, Lhakpa. Lhakpa Thinle Sherpa. A 5’2” young man who looked barely 20 but was well tanned from being out in the sun too long.

He mentioned that he had been on a climbing trip and had just gotten back the day before and was scheduled to go with us for a 26 day tour in the Everest Region.

Lhakpa helped us make a list of all the climbing equipment we would require over the next 26 days. Lhakpa took us along to get Manoj some poles, gloves and gaiters from local stores. Following our shopping trip and walk around the neighbourhood, we had a lovely lunch at Mitho Restaurant where we had burgers, sandwiches and hotel lemon with honey to drink. We ended up walking around all day looking at shops and enjoying the different cultural experience in Thamel.

We got back to Mitho Restaurant for dinner and had an indian dinner comprised of curries, naan bread, papadums and more of that honey and hot lemon drink and ended up hitting the sack at 10.30pm, same as the night before.

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