Trekking to Everest Base Camp – Tengboche to Dingboche

DAY 7 – 1st May 2013

Manoj & I woke up at 6.00am but we didn’t want to get out of the sleeping bags as we were rather cozy. Eventually, we crawled out and got ready and packed up our gear.

We met up with Lhakpa downstairs at 6.45am and made our way down to the monastery across the road. Manoj and I enjoyed the peaceful ambience of the monastery and the prayers in progress.

We met Stefano at 7.30am for breakfast at the lodge.

The view of Mount Everest from the lodge was breathtaking. We finished up breakfast, refilled our water supplies and left at 8.30am.
We walked downhill to Debuche then flat and began the ascent to Panboche.

At Panboche, we ascended further to 4,000m to the oldest monastery in the Everest Region. The Panboche Monastery is over 600 years old.

From here we continued on our trail back downhill slightly then uphill again to Shomare village. We stopped off at Trekkers Lodge in Shomare for lunch, refilled our water supplies here and had a great lunch.

From here, we had a 3 hour gentle climb of 400m to Dingboche Town (4,410m) where we stop for the night tonight.

We got to Arizona Guest House where we got a nice hot shower and walked around for a while around the village. We returned back to the lodge for some hot honey, ginger and lemon tea with some popcorn.

We ordered our dinner and sat down to watch a documentary called “Touching the Void”. Whilst having dinner we watched the rest of the documentary.

Touching the Void” is a documentary about a climber who fell down a crevasse and his climbing partner cut the rope to save himself when he thought his mate was dead from the fall as he didn’t reply to him when he called out. The guy who fell down the crevasse eventually made his way back up the crevasse and with broken bones, he crawled, hobbled and made his way back down the mountain to where he and his friends had set up camp. Fortunately for him, his friends had decided to stay for a couple of days extra to pay reverence to the mate who they thought had died.

After dinner we sat down with Lhakpa to discuss our walk for the following day and the plan of attack to get to Island Peak.

As usual, bedtime was at 9.30pm.

We seem to have fallen into a routine.

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