Mount Kenya

Welcome to Mount Kenya, majestically situated in Mount Kenya National Park in Nanyuki, Kenya. Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain on the African continent, is situated 150 kilometres North East of Nairobi which is the capital city. There are 3 peaks that encompass the mountain. Points Batian (5,199m / 17,057ft), Nelion (5,188m / 17,021ft) and Lenana (4,985m / 16,355ft).

Points Batian and Nelion are both quite technical climbs and require sound knowledge of rock climbing and abseiling as well as special climbing gear in order to summit those peaks. Lenana is the more popular climb as it requires no prior knowledge of technical climbing and requires no special gear in order to attain summit.

The mountain is located within Mount Kenya National Park which also serves to protect the area around the mountain from exploitation and commercial erosion.

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